Program (draft)

09:00 Welcome
09:15 The FOZTUA project
(Eduardo Beira, University of Lisbon)
09:30 Portugal, Port and Steam - Land of railway heritage opportunity
(Dominic Fontana, University of Portsmouth)
10:00 First documentary film – The decision making process
(presentation by Hugo Silveira Pereira, University NOVA of Lisbon; University of York)
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Soft Sport Tourism and Railway Heritage: Contrarieties? Possibilities to combine activity holiday and local history on abandoned rail tracks.
(Stefan Brauckman, University of Hamburg)
11:30 The rolling stock of the Tua line: what to do with it?
(Hugo Silveira Pereira, University NOVA of Lisbon; University of York)
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Second documentary film – The construction of the Tua line
(presentation by Eduardo Beira, University of Lisbon)
14:00 Reconverting an old rail track: engineering opportunities
(Graça Vasconcelos, University of Minho)
14:30 The "old road": reusing, interpreting and commemorating an abandoned railway in southern England, 1964-2015
(Colin Divall, University of York)
15:00 Reborn railways in Italy
(Stefano Maggi, University of Siena)
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Third documentary film – 125 years of history of the Tua line
(presentation by Dominic Fontana, University of Portsmouth)
16:30 Railway heritage on the move. Remarks regarding ‘authenticity’: operate and modify or close and conserve”
(Guenter Dinhobl, Austrian Railways)
17:00 Long Marches – on Ballast Beds and Rusty Tracks. What 'Rail Hikers' Are Doing and What They Have in Mind While Walking on Abandoned Railway Lines
(Peter Hoerz, University of Göttingen)
17:30 Closing remarks
(Anne McCants, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)